IntelĀ® software for general purpose GPU capabilities

This site provides documentation and instructions for installing, deploying, and updating Intel software to enable general purpose GPU (GPGPU) capabilities for Linux*-based operating system distributions.

GPGPU refers to using the GPU for general purpose computation, for example the type of operations used in machine learning or media transcoding.

For those looking for Linux graphics display support, it is recommended to use the software provided by your operating system distribution vendor.

See the Installation guides for instructions on installing the software available from this site.

Intel provides packages for released versions of the Compute Runtime, Media Driver, and Media SDK projects.

See the Technologies section for more information, or follow the above links to the corresponding projects hosted on GitHub.

The packages are available from package repositories at for Red Hat*, SUSE*, and Ubuntu*. See the Installation guides section for instructions on configuring the package repository and installing the GPGPU software on various Linux distributions.