SUSE* 15 SP3

To install the latest general purpose GPU (GPGPU) software packages on SUSE 15 SP3, add the Intel® software package repository and install the appropriate packages.

Add package repository

To install the package repository, add the following to your SLES installation. Prior to copy/pasting to your console, you may want to run sudo ls and enter your password to prevent the commands from being swallowed by the sudo password prompt:

sudo zypper addrepo -r \

Install run-time packages

After adding the repository, you can install the GPU software packages by running the following:

sudo zypper update
sudo zypper install \
  intel-opencl \
  intel-media-driver libmfx1 \
  intel-level-zero-gpu level-zero

While accessing the repository for the first time, you may be prompted to accept the package signing key. Answer ‘a’ to ‘trust always’ the key.

OPTIONAL: Install developer packages

If you will be doing development, you may want to install optional development packages. oneAPI users will need to install these packages for some of the oneAPI tools to function correctly:

sudo zypper install \
  libigdfcl-devel \
  intel-igc-cm \
  libigfxcmrt-devel \

Configuring permissions

To access GPGPU capabilities, a user needs to have the correct permissions. The following will list the group assigned ownership of the render nodes, and list the groups the active user is a member of:

stat -c "%G" /dev/dri/render*
groups ${USER}

If a group is listed for the render node which isn’t listed for the user, you will need to add the user to the group using gpasswd. In the following, the active user will be added to the ‘video’ group and a new shell spawned with that group active:

sudo gpasswd -a ${USER} video
newgrp video

Known issues

Unable to find OpenCL*

If you are installing libOpenCL1 from Tumbleweed, the OpenCL ICD loader recently changed the location for vendor files from /etc/OpenCL to /usr/share/OpenCL. The intel-opencl package above currently installs to /etc/OpenCL. To work with the updated vendor location, you need to copy the vendor file to /user/share/OpenCL after installing the intel-opencl package:

if [[ ! -d /usr/share/OpenCL/vendors ]]; then
  sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/OpenCL/vendors
sudo cp /etc/OpenCL/vendors/intel.icd /usr/share/OpenCL/vendors/intel.icd

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